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Case Study: Highly-Complex and Sensitive Spanish Project

In June 2017, a client contacted Andrew with a challenging and sensitive project. In short, they needed a sizeable amount of Spanish medical and legal documents translating to the highest possible standards.

The documents concerned the unfortunate death of a British national in Spain. They were a mix of highly complex medical autopsy reports, certificates, witness statements, court documents and police reports.
It was clear that the client needed accurate translations, across both the medical and legal aspects of the case. So Jason undertook the medical translations, while Andrew took charge of the legal translations.
Much to the client’s satisfaction, we managed the project efficiently and completed it within just two weeks.

Here’s what the client said

“We are extremely grateful for the excellent translations delivered by Jason and Andrew. We needed to know precise details of the medical reports and of the witness statements, and we are confident that we have all the information required.
“It was important to have these documents translated quickly, and we were delighted that they were received well before the agreed date. We particularly appreciated the fact that the translations looked like the originals.
“Thank you so much!”

And this is what we said

“Without our individual expertise in each of our subject specialisations, there is no way that we could have delivered the high-quality translations that the client asked for.
“Each of us was able to work on our own individual sections, while liaising with each other to ensure consistency throughout the translation. We separately reviewed each of the translations to eliminate any errors and inconsistencies.
“The documents were very complex, particularly the medical ones. But we feel that we were able to unpick the complexities, to deliver an accurate translation that also read well and looked great.”

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